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Kali: Hello!
Jhonen: Hmmm...
Kali: Nobody knows we exist :(
Jhonen: Except the all-knowing cube of spaghetti noodles!
Kali: Of course, dear. *pats Jhonen on the head*
Jhonen: "Kali Demitrious-suffers from an acute case of mild dementia, previously diagnosed with a severe case of acute dementia."
Kali: What the hell r u reading?
Jhonen: Ur old health records from the Shatston Mental Hospital. :D
Kali: I wish I could forget all that, those horrible bastards. They told me not to worry and that I just needed help. Y did they feed me that bullshit? I really don't like that taste. I'd prefer imitation bullshit made from chocolate.
Jhonen: AH! The child thing is moving!
Kali: -.-; It's allowed to move, it's alive.
Jhonen: I think it just flipped me off! I'll show u! *reaches for the baby*
Kali: *sighs and moves the baby out of site from Jhonen* I'm tired. *goes to sleep*
Jhonen: *gets git in the head with something and passes out*

Jhonen: It was the baby, I know it!
Kali: No.

The Almighty Shortest On The RoofTop,
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