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This is a positively good idea. ((OCC Post!))

I'm following example, and tellin' y'all who read this what's goin' down... [/badslangd00d]

Present day: Kyra and Otto are married, and Sylvie isn't born yet.

Next Gen/Imber: Sylvie and Jack are all in luuuuurve and stuff. ^_^

Cagetop: Hell if I know. Kyra's the Slavemasta, though. >3

Sani 3: Kyra's all in the Carribean and stuff, with no kid. Heh. Hehehe. HAHAHA- okay, I'm done.

~CW, Master of Characters.

P.S.- Kyra will post... sooner or later. *hits her in the ass with a stick*
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