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A random update on this random day...

Kyra: *yawns and curls up in Ock's lap as he lies on the couch, drifting off to sleep* ^^
Doc Ock: ...*strokes her hair with his good arm*

*All is content...*


Me: *bolts up* holyshit...wait, what? *blinks*
Doc Ock: *rolls eyes* What is it now, ClowWolf? -_-;
CW: I stole this from Jarley today. ^-^ *holds up a can of squirty cream*
Me: Is that the only reason you had to wake me up? >_<;
CW: That, and two other things...
Doc Ock: *under his breath: oh great, there's more...*
CW: *clears throat and stands on a soap box* NUMBER ONE! Porno sales have reached our goal. :D You can now get that tentacle fixed, Otto.
Doc Ock: Huzzah. ^_^
Me: *smiles and rests her head back on his chest* ...what else, Clow...? *yawns*
CW: *gets right up next to her ear* NUMBER TWO!
Me: *slaps him* I'm not deaf. -_-;
CW: Still. Here. ^^ *hands them two tickets*
Doc Ock: *looks at them* What are these for...?
Me: ...New Jersey! O__O; I thought they were booked!
CW: Nope, I got you guys in, FIRST CLASS, for July 16. :D You're cleared.
Me: *jumps up and hugs him* Oh thank you, CW! ^-^ You aren't as much of a moron as I might have previously accused you of being.
CW: :D Why thank you!
Me: Now, get your furry ass out of here. *shoves him off the roof pitch, having him tumble into the bushes below* Where were we? :) *lies back down*

Doc Ock: *strokes her hair again* ...
Me: Just another normal day...
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