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Daily Life
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Date:2005-09-13 17:03
Mood: shocked

Scary. Soon... we'll have to deal with her being 5 years old.


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Date:2005-09-12 15:25
Subject:This is a positively good idea. ((OCC Post!))
Mood: sheepish ^_^;

I'm following example, and tellin' y'all who read this what's goin' down... [/badslangd00d]

Present day: Kyra and Otto are married, and Sylvie isn't born yet.

Next Gen/Imber: Sylvie and Jack are all in luuuuurve and stuff. ^_^

Cagetop: Hell if I know. Kyra's the Slavemasta, though. >3

Sani 3: Kyra's all in the Carribean and stuff, with no kid. Heh. Hehehe. HAHAHA- okay, I'm done.

~CW, Master of Characters.

P.S.- Kyra will post... sooner or later. *hits her in the ass with a stick*

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Date:2005-09-11 22:19
Subject:Quick Update As 2 WTF Is Going On...
Mood: confused

Present Day RoofTop: Jhonen and Kali r still together, as most of u have figured.
Next Gen: Moira is with Dr. Johnathan Crane.
CageTop: I just wanna fuck Crane. XD

I think that's all.


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Date:2005-08-16 16:15
Subject:Dear Die-ary...
Mood: bored

   I'm in Toronto, Canada. There r meese here, so it's cool. The people here show me what else there is to do around here besides drink beer and watch hockey. Hockey sucks. But meese are cool.

   I'm so bored. I want my baby, she's fun.


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Date:2005-08-09 22:21
Mood: Hmmm...

   Dear Die-ary,

      I taught Moira how to kill bugs. It was fun. I'm going to Canada soon. I'll miss Kali and the baby, but I'll be back. See ya in a few days.

   ~ JV

P.S. I'm cold. That's weird.

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Date:2005-06-16 00:42
Mood: busy

From The Personal Records Of Kali M. Demitrious:

   Moira's gotten better, healthwise. She makes more noises now. That's just her trying to understand language. How cute. ^.^

   Jhonen has taken a break. He's working on some kind of music video now. He won't tell me much about it.

   We've postponed getting married. We were originally going to do it in March. But, whatever. I think we both like the idea of being separate but together. At least, I do. IDK.



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Date:2005-05-17 23:27
Mood: loved

From The Personal Records Of Kali M. Demitrious:

   I'm really starting to worry. Moira's got another cold. I don't understand why. I feed her and keep her warm. I don't let germy things get near her. Jhonen is actually more upset than me. God, I love him. He did the nicest thing yesterday. He had some friends over and showed me off like a new gold watch. I like that. His friends weren't very interested, but still. He also spent a lot of time with Moira this week. I've been working on some porjects in his office in the basement and he's been taking care of Moira for me.

   We haven't had much time to ourselves. I have a feeling that Jhonen's trying to set something up so we can be home alone and relax. Getting laid will make both of us happier I think.

   Jhonen's got a new comic idea bursting from his brain meats. I can almost smell the ideas. They kinda smell like bacon.


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Date:2005-05-08 18:50
Subject:Character Bios
Mood: busy

   I made a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet thing on my characters. I'll send it 2 u on MIM later. I need u to put urs in. Thnx. ^.^

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Date:2005-04-03 01:07
Subject:A random update on this random day...
Mood: content...why lemons?

Kyra: *yawns and curls up in Ock's lap as he lies on the couch, drifting off to sleep* ^^
Doc Ock: ...*strokes her hair with his good arm*

*All is content...*


Me: *bolts up* holyshit...wait, what? *blinks*
Doc Ock: *rolls eyes* What is it now, ClowWolf? -_-;
CW: I stole this from Jarley today. ^-^ *holds up a can of squirty cream*
Me: Is that the only reason you had to wake me up? >_<;
CW: That, and two other things...
Doc Ock: *under his breath: oh great, there's more...*
CW: *clears throat and stands on a soap box* NUMBER ONE! Porno sales have reached our goal. :D You can now get that tentacle fixed, Otto.
Doc Ock: Huzzah. ^_^
Me: *smiles and rests her head back on his chest* ...what else, Clow...? *yawns*
CW: *gets right up next to her ear* NUMBER TWO!
Me: *slaps him* I'm not deaf. -_-;
CW: Still. Here. ^^ *hands them two tickets*
Doc Ock: *looks at them* What are these for...?
Me: ...New Jersey! O__O; I thought they were booked!
CW: Nope, I got you guys in, FIRST CLASS, for July 16. :D You're cleared.
Me: *jumps up and hugs him* Oh thank you, CW! ^-^ You aren't as much of a moron as I might have previously accused you of being.
CW: :D Why thank you!
Me: Now, get your furry ass out of here. *shoves him off the roof pitch, having him tumble into the bushes below* Where were we? :) *lies back down*

Doc Ock: *strokes her hair again* ...
Me: Just another normal day...

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Date:2005-03-31 23:57
Mood: scared of my father

Kali: Hello!
Jhonen: Hmmm...
Kali: Nobody knows we exist :(
Jhonen: Except the all-knowing cube of spaghetti noodles!
Kali: Of course, dear. *pats Jhonen on the head*
Jhonen: "Kali Demitrious-suffers from an acute case of mild dementia, previously diagnosed with a severe case of acute dementia."
Kali: What the hell r u reading?
Jhonen: Ur old health records from the Shatston Mental Hospital. :D
Kali: I wish I could forget all that, those horrible bastards. They told me not to worry and that I just needed help. Y did they feed me that bullshit? I really don't like that taste. I'd prefer imitation bullshit made from chocolate.
Jhonen: AH! The child thing is moving!
Kali: -.-; It's allowed to move, it's alive.
Jhonen: I think it just flipped me off! I'll show u! *reaches for the baby*
Kali: *sighs and moves the baby out of site from Jhonen* I'm tired. *goes to sleep*
Jhonen: *gets git in the head with something and passes out*

Jhonen: It was the baby, I know it!
Kali: No.

The Almighty Shortest On The RoofTop,

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Date:2005-03-03 22:35
Mood: bouncy

Yay! A pointless post of DOOM! More people must catch roof fever or I shall kill joo all!

Kali: yay! ^.^
Jhonen: This webby-place has too many clubby-things.
Kali: *pecks Jhonen's cheek cuz he's so cute*

The Almighty Shortest On The Roof,

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Date:2004-12-08 15:36
Mood: amused

Hello anyone who's reading this! I'm Kyra Leknah, I'll have you know. You've stumbled upon the Rooftop Chronicles!


Thank you.

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